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We are pleased to announce that TEAMAid is partnering with TATA (Telangana American Telugu Association;

Telangana American Telugu Association is an active Telangana organization in North America and a non-profit socio-cultural, charitable organization built to promote, preserve and perpetuate the Telangana community in the US and Canada.

Team Aid offers support to families facing the worst moments of their life – accidents, disasters, and deaths. We help one deal with these life-altering situations by working with the community, embassies, airlines, funeral homes and importantly, local Coordinators.

With this partnership, both organizations leading collaboratively, respective volunteers from each organization will build mutual respect, learn from each other and play to each other’s strengths to achieve a common goal.

TEAM Aid’s collaboration and strategic partnerships with such premier organizations will be fundamental to meet its main vision by being a go-to crisis management organization whilst respective partner organizations  focus on their core mission to promote culture and charity related services to communities.