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We rise to help others and embrace humanity

We are ready to provide care and comfort to those experiencing crisis situations while traveling or living abroad.

Team Aid was founded in 2017 on one fundamental principle: Helping people living abroad that need assistance after experiencing devastating circumstances.

In this global economy, many people choose to immigrate to a foreign country to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families. However, sometimes, tragedy strikes and people find themselves dealing with unforeseeable accidents, untimely deaths, natural disasters, or some other sort of upsetting event with no one to turn to.

Fortunately, Team Aid is here to help people living abroad during chaotic times to help individuals that experience unexpected tragedies, especially tragedies that they are unprepared to resolve on their own.

People living abroad do encounter devastating circumstances and do need help and there we come to assist them just like close family members would.

Team Aid – Caring for people traveling or living abroad is our fundamental principle.

Our Mission

We are a 501©(3), non-profit organization with an extensive social network dedicated to providing comfort and support to victims and families affected by tragic, life-altering experiences.

Our worldwide network of experienced volunteers is here to assist individuals and provide emotional support for those in need. We also provide support to victims’ families back home, often bridging the distance which separates loved ones.

Through experience, we have learned of the devastating effects of natural disasters, accidents, and sudden illness. Our TEAM Aid volunteers are ready to comfort those experiencing such situations. Our caring volunteers are ready to do such things as drive through the night to collect important papers, deal with administrations or consulates, make necessary calls, and even sit in hospital rooms to provide much-needed emotional support to ease the stress of traumatic experiences while traveling or living abroad.

If you need urgent help, we are always here to help:

How We Can Help

Aiding in international crisis situations is a specialty that we would prefer was not required, but sadly terrible things do happen. Our assistance is necessary for family members that are facing the death of a loved one in another country, or other equally devastating circumstances. 

Our specialties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing monetary or financial assistance
  • Coordinating and dealing with governmental organizations or entities
  • Obtaining clearances
  • Providing supplies during emergencies
  • Providing shelter for those in need of a place to stay
  • Providing a listening ear and a caring demeanor

Emergencies or other disasters come when you least expect them and can cripple a family or an entire community. No one has precise plans to deal with these situations, but together we can solve any issues that may arise – that is our crisis situation philosophy

Case Study

To give you a better understanding of what Team Aid can do for you, we have compiled this case study about a certain incident. One of our members was involved in a drastic situation with a group in need. A car full of international students was involved in a motor vehicle accident involving an incapacitated driver.

Each student was from a different area, making it very difficult for the university official to handle the situation. Team Aid volunteers stepped in to be points of contact for each person. Our U.S. volunteers handled items with the university, the consulates, and law enforcement officials. We also had a contact at each student’s country of origin, helping grieving family and friends cope with the tragedy and dealing with logistics. Together, our team was able to have each student flown back to their homelands so that their friends and family could say their last goodbyes and celebrate their lives.

Prior to the creation of Team Aid, one of its founders embarked on a journey in October 2008 for another non-profit organization, providing help for over 650 incidents. He, along with other volunteers, worked through accidental or sudden deaths, murders and suicides, serious injuries, disastrous fires, and immigration/visa concerns.

Experience of excellence in helping others during crisis situations.

Some of our TEAM Members

Mohan Nannapaneni

Ravi Prakash

Vasudeva Reddy Chinna

Sarbpreet Singh

Dr. Raghu Korrapati

Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati

Mani Sivasubramanian

Sajan Kurian

Ramakrishna Penumarthi


Gary Pasricha

Saroja Sagaram

Jayesh Mehta

Sibu Nair

JP Samuel

Abhishek Singh

Shankar Magapu


Kris Padmanabhan

Srinivas Gondi

Team Aid’s network and resources ensure a truly global reach. We have excellent response rates across North America and Southeast Asia. Our coordinators go the extra mile, whenever possible. Our #1 priority is the emotional well-being of all parties involved, as many of these circumstances can create a chaotic and unsettling environment.

Our volunteer coordinators give continual support throughout all aspects of the process, which are also made possible thanks to the wonderful donations we receive. Approximately 95% of current donations go immediately to current emergency situations. The remaining funds go towards community and family education to create awareness and preventative measures.

We have developed safety training manuals and general guidelines that are dispersed and easily accessible to all those who are interested. These can be found within popular travel agencies, universities, and federal agencies or consulates from your country of origin.

Any financial help you can offer is gratefully received.




Team Aid is not a government-operated 911 or emergency service.

We are a volunteer-based organization providing assistance to individuals in crisis situations.