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Our Partnerships with Other Non-Profit Organizations

Together We Achieve So Much More

At Team Aid, we have no intention of competing with local or national organizations. In fact, we are actively seeking collaboration with other non-profit organizations. Thus far, the response has been incredible.

As Team Aid is the only global-level organization providing emergency assistance to people living abroad, we strive to collaborate and work closely with various cultural, ethnic, and humanitarian organizations. Additionally, we are seeking to work with other service-minded individuals.

Team Aid is humbly seeking your collaboration in working for a common cause of helping people when they have nowhere to turn to. We extend the invitation to be your national level single-source of assistance that provides services without conflicting with local government or organizational goals.

FIA New England

Team Aid volunteers are located around the world and are ready to provide invaluable service and support for those experiencing crisis situations.

We encourage you to join us, so that, together, we can help others in need.


Team Aid is not a government-operated 911 or emergency service.

We are a volunteer-based organization providing assistance to individuals in crisis situations.