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Your time and support could make a big difference to someone alone and in crisis

TEAM Aid is a volunteer, non-profit organization.

If you are interested in our joining the amazing network of global TEAM Aid volunteer Coordinators, all willing to bridge the gap between people who are a long way from home and their families, please read the information below and register by completing the form below.

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By submitting this form, you are also signing up to receive TEAM Aid newsletters and email communications. You are also agreeing to publish your basic profile info on TEAM Aid and/or related social media.  At present we do not require any further Coordinator located in India. We do need volunteer Coordinators in all other countries.

TEAM Aid, reserves the rights to disable or remove any member’s registration if he/she does not respond to more than three incidents. We request you to thoroughly understand the need for your response in critical times, where another person is desperately waiting for your assistance.

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What is TEAM Aid?
TEAM Aid is a Team for Emergency Assistance Management. We are like first aid for people in foreign land in their emergency situations. We are a large group of dedicated, selfless volunteers committed to assisting people. We assist people and their beloved ones involved in emergency situations such as accidents, homicides, suicides, fires, or floods. We are not a local government run emergency assistance service (like 911 in USA), but we provide voluntary assistance to the people in our best capacity.
Do you charge any fee?
No. We are a voluntary and non-profit organization.
Do you provide medical assistance?
No. We do not have any hospitals or shelters.
Where is TEAM Aid located?
We work only out of virtual offices. We are groups of people in all major cities across the world. Majority of us are in the USA and Canada at present. We are rapidly spreading to all over the world.
When a death happens, do consulates of the native country help the family?
May or may not. But we do. Consulates do not have workforce or volunteers, whereas we have volunteers help you almost all over North America.
Do you compete with other nonprofit organizations?
No. We are not in competition with any one individual or organization. We happy to collaborate with anyone that have similar goals of providing emergency assistance.
Do you provide financial assistance?
No, we do not provide monetary help. But if funds are needed for repatriation or qualified emergency situations, we contribute.
Is there a minimum age for Volunteers?
We require our volunteers to be over 18 years old.
Which countries in particular do you need Volunteers?
USA, Canada and….
What does repatriation mean?
To bring or send back (a person, especially a prisoner of war, a refugee, deceased etc.) to his or her country or land of citizenship.
Is sending a body from USA or Canada to other countries expensive?
Yes, it could be very expensive. It must be handled through licensed funeral homes. In many cases, the funeral home takes advantage of the family’s desperation. For instance, we have experienced a funeral home in Houston charging an Indian family $36,000 to send a body to India. Whereas it should cost only between $5,000 and $7,500.
How does TEAM Aid help in a repatriation of a deceased?
Up on the receipt of information, Our National coordinators immediately alert local volunteers through a user group message. Whomever the volunteers in that area are available, respond, assess the need, and start to assisting the affected family. National coordinators, who have previous experience, carefully guide the family in planning either for the local funeral or for the international repatriation.
Every case is different and every situation is different but we provide the following assistance:

  • Selecting the Funeral home, who would be economical, efficient, experienced, and licensed.
  • Voluntary help in obtaining necessary documents for Repatriation.
  • Providing local transportation, food and guidance to the family, and friends as much as our volunteers could.
  • Constantly communicating with the family members about the progress of repatriation.
  • Follow up with the Funeral home to supervise the process and expedite if necessary.
  • Guiding the family in obtaining Insurance, retirement, legal benefits.
  • Providing moral support to the affected family members.
  • If the deceased family is in need for financial assistance to cover repatriation or funeral expense, we evaluate their need and support.
  • Coordinate with consulates in obtaining transport permits and necessary visas for the family.
  • We protect the dignity of the deceased and his/her family.

Other Ways You Can Help

As a non-profit, we rely heavily on our amazing volunteers and of course donations from the public and business partners. Please consider giving something to help fund out work.

TEAM Aid’s volunteers are located around the world and provide an invaluable service for those in crisis.

We encourage you to join us so that we can help others.


We are not a government-operated 911 or emergency service.

We are only a volunteer-based organization providing assistance to foreigners in crisis.