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Support and hope when and where you really need it

Are you or a loved one, a long way from home, alone, and in desperate need of help?


Team Aid – The only organization in the world supporting people in crisis when they are away from home

Our aim is to be the main point of contact for family and friends who are experiencing trauma, grief, or loss of a loved one in a foreign country, or far away from home. We are a socially inclined, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. See our Mission Statement

Team Aid offer support to people facing the worst moments of their life – accidents, disasters, and deaths. We help you deal with these life-altering situations by working with the community, embassies, airlines, funeral homes and importantly, local Coordinators. If you need urgent help, get help now.

Help When You Need It

The number of travelers and migrants who require help during times of unexpected crisis increases every year as even more people leave home, familiar communities and families behind.  TEAM Aid’s volunteer Coordinators function as a local extended family when others are too far away to help.

Whatever the reasons for being away, whether it to pursue a better living, a safer world, work experience, or education, these people are often alone, and should tragedy strike, their families have no way of knowing how to help them in a foreign place.  Lack of emotional support and practical help, on both sides, only serves to worsen an already bad situation, and often contributes to further mental stress and trauma.

TEAM Aid’s large network of Coordinators are based locally in a number of countries covering many towns and cities.  We are always looking for volunteers around the globe, please consider offering your support, you can find out more about volunteering here.

As a nonprofit, we rely heavily on our amazing volunteers and of course donations from the public and business partners. Please consider giving something to help fund our work.

Our Volunteers

TEAM Aid’s volunteer Coordinators are there to help the victimized and affected​ when they have no one else. A Team Aid volunteer is always prepared to help in most emergency situations.

Whilst it would be impossible for the family member and individuals to meet each other, Team Aid helps in comforting the emotional burden by extending a helping hand to such families. We can help you emotionally and offer a supportive shoulder when you need to overcome such challenges. We work with a range of partners.

Thank you for your faith in TEAM Aid and our​ dedicated volunteers. We try our best in helping you cope up with your crisis in a foreign land.

Mohan Nannapanenoi

We Rise to Help Others

TEAM Aid’s volunteers are located around the world and can become your extended family and a source of support in your emergency situations. They expect nothing other than your happiness in return.

Become a Volunteer Coordinator

TEAM Aid is there when no one else can be

Thanks to our global,  and growing network, a local TEAM Aid Coordinator is just a phone call away.

At TEAM Aid we understand that when facing dire circumstances, especially if abroad and away from their home, the need for support can be crucial. We are proud to be able to provide the support necessary and become the extended family and friends you need when you are unable to connect to loved ones.

That support is equally as important back home for your families; we recognize this and can provide support for them as well. Our primary objective is to bridge that distance.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a TEAM Aid Coordinator?

Latest Incidents

October 6, 2019
East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA

A visiting parent Mr. D. Jagadish suddenly hospitalized with on July 10th, 2019 at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI. He had severe stomach pain and later was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. He has been in the ICU for 80 days, went through multiple surgeries. He also had multiple organ failures starting from the intestine, lungs and recently kidneys. The doctors suggest he has very little time left. His family reached us for assistance in transporting his body back to his native place, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India. Our Boston area TEAM Aid volunteers are providing all necessary guidance and some financial assistance as well.

October 5, 2019
Windson, ON, Canada

Three Punjabi Youth including a girl were killed in a fatal accidental near Sarnia in Ontario province. All three were in their early twenties.
Dead youth have been identified as Tanvir Singh and Gurwinder Singh who belonged to Jalandhar whereas girl has been identified as Harpreet Kaur.
The accident occurred on a lonely rural road south of Petrolia around 1.30 AM and strangely it was a single-vehicle accident involving no other vehicle. The car was badly mangled in the accident. The injured driver was rushed to a nearby hospital. All three were students of the St. Clair College in Windsor.
On behalf of our Team Aid, Mr. Sukhi Chahl is working very closely with the Consulate General of India, Toronto, Canada. Consulate General of India, Toronto is providing all required assistance.


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About TEAM Aid

In 2017, TEAM Aid was founded on a solitary and fundamental principle: People living abroad that meet devastating circumstances need help.

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We are not a government-operated 911 or emergency service.

We are only a volunteer-based organization providing assistance to foreigners in crisis.